Maintenance Technician

A maintenance technician is a person who is responsible for a highly diversified portfolio of maintenance activities. Maintenance technicians use their skills and knowledge to ensure that a variety of equipment works in accordance with safety guidelines and production specifications.

Telecom and IT companies need maintenance technicians who can service equipment on cell towers and other networks assets. Tasks include maintaining access checkpoints, ensuring network connections, measuring the performance of hardware, and adhering to client specifications.
Companies employ maintenance technicians to provide maintenance for their assets and ensure that they get the best return on their capital investment. The work of a maintenance technician is highly varied and industry-specific, meaning that they need to have a wide variety of skills.
Maintenance Technician
Some maintenance technicians require advanced degrees, but most entry-level positions will accept a high-school diploma or equivalent.

In addition to academic qualifications, companies will expect maintenance technicians to have excellent knowledge of maintenance procedures and understand the systems that need to be maintained. Furthermore, being able to lift heavy loads and work creatively can help boost a maintenance technician’s chances of being hired.

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